Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Professor Teresa Heinz Housel Co-Edits New Book on First-Generation College Students

UPDATE:  Professor Teresa Heinz Housel was interviewed for a US News and World Report article that was published in December 2011 as an outreach of her recent book Faculty and First-Generation College Students Bridging the Classroom Gap Together.
Professor of Communication Teresa Heinz Housel and Dr. Vickie Lynn Harvey, professor of Communication Studies at California State University-Stanislaus, are the editors of a new book entitled Faculty and First Generation College Students: Bridging the Classroom Gap Together, which was published earlier this fall in the "New Directions for Teaching and Learning" series of Jossey-Bass of San Franciso, CA.

The two professors developed the book in recognition of the unique challenges that first-general students (FGS) face in adapting to college, especially since they have often had fewer financial resources and different life experiences than many of their peers who have come from families with a college background.  Housel and Harvey note that FGS represent a significant and increasing percentage of the nation's student population, particulary as college degrees become more important for employment. 

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