Monday, May 4, 2015

Professor Kyle Morrison Receives Young Investigators Award

Kyle Morrison of the Kinesiology Department received the 2015 Young Investigators Award for his research project "Foundations of Fitness: Initial Outcomes from a 10-Week Multidisciplinary, Pediatric Obesity Intervention” presented at the Celebration of Undergraduate Research and Creative Performance.  Morrison, an assistant professor who has taught at Hope since 2012, received the award as a junior member of the faculty who has mentored students in research.  The students participating in the project were graduating senior Jessica Krantz of Traverse City and junior Jorgie Watson of Grand Rapids.
The “Social Sciences Young Investigators Award” is designed to recognize and encourage junior faculty to partner with students in research collaborations that further the scholarship goals of the faculty member while developing the skills of critical inquiry and analysis in his or her students.  It includes funding for the faculty and student team to present the work at a professional conference.

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